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Issue 22 - July 2022

What you need to know about monkeypox, specialty resources for students, and a case study totaling $72K in savings!

Issue 21 - June 2022

Improving healthcare experiences for LGBTQ students, challenges of Long COVID, a case study highlighting massive savings, and more.

Issue 20 - May 2022

Find out how we’ve partnered with binx health in response to The Biden Administration ‘Cancer Moonshot’ to end cancer as we know it, and more!

Issue 19 - April 2022

Find out how colleges can help international students get behavioral healthcare support, and learn how we’ve saved clients almost $80 million.

Issue 18 - March 2022

We explore healthcare disparities experienced by college students, our student-focused formulary, and the work behind our cost saving efforts.

Issue 17 - Feb. 2022

Learn about the industries only student-focused formulary, student heart health, new Narcan generics, and big client savings!

Issue 16 | January, 2022
Clinical program updates and impacts — including $20M in savings for our partners!

Issue 15 | December, 2021
Initial results of our ADHD utilization management program and more!

Issue 14 | November, 2021
A great story that highlights how our Payment Integrity Team helped save $36,000 dollars, and much more!

Issue 13 | October, 2021
Learn how the return to campus is taxing student health centers and faculty & how we helped save new parents almost $2,500.

Issue 12 | September, 2021
Answering the question: how do we cope with COVID-19 moving forward? Also, a $4,000 member savings case study!

Issue 11 | August, 2021
We explore student vaccination rates, mandatory vaccinations, and the pandemic’s impact on the student population.

Issue 10 | July, 2021
The latest no-cost Rx to hit our student formulary, a new athletic training tool & more!

Issue 9 | June, 2021
The struggles international students may face returning to campus and a great vaccination resource!

Issue 8 | May, 2021
Learn about our payment integrity program & the work they do to uphold our commitment to the Triple Aim.

Issue 7 | April, 2021
This month we discuss the benefits of Koru Mindfulness and more!

Issue 6 | March, 2021
Rise in student-athletes’ mental health difficulties, influential women in medicine, large client savings!

Issue 5 | February, 2021
Long-term impacts of the COVID-19, our new Behavioral Health Solution & amazing member savings!

Issue 4 | January, 2021
A year of progress in student health, challenges with COVID-19 vaccine distribution & more.

Issue 3 | December, 2020
Transgender students & the college experience, Wellfleet takes a stand against opioid crisis & more.

Issue 2 | November, 2020
COVID-19 testing solution for students, Healthcare Disparities in the U.S. & more.

Issue 1 | October, 2020
What you need to know about rapid COVID-19 testing, students’ mental health during the pandemic & more.

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