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'Back to Work' education series

Wellfleet is pleased to present the ‘Back to Work’ education series. Designed to help clients, partners, and business leaders across all sectors share ideas and best practices on safely returning to work, our series offers webinars and other virtual programming. 

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Addressing the Cultural & Emotional Challenges of Returning to Work

As the business world returns to the office, leaders are seeking ways to connect with and stimulate engagement amongst employees who are working through seemingly countless mental and emotional unknowns in this difficult time. The latest event as part of Wellfleet’s ‘Back to Work’ programming series, Wellfleet Workplace’s Mike MacGregor joins Jennifer Browne and Jennifer Webster, co-founders at OneBody3, a consulting company that works with organizations and individuals who have a desire to enhance their culture and lives by executing purpose and improving relationships in the workplace.

OneBody3 believes that there is a huge opportunity for employers seeking to grow their connection to employees seeking mental, emotional, and financial security during this trying time. In this 30-minute, on-demand webinar, we focus on this important but often overlooked business strategy and discuss:

  • Tactics for leaders to understand the challenges their employees and their families are facing
  • The types of questions to ask when polling your staff
  • Ways to build trust and respect through connection
  • Keys to having a strong communication plan
  • Importance of leaders finding likeminded individuals for support when doing this vital work

Jennifer Browne, President & Co-Founder BenefitSource and OneBody3

Jennifer Browne is a co-founder and visionary leader of Onebody3™.

She is dedicated to enhancing organizations and cultures by leveraging the human potential of their people. Through business ownership, leadership, teaching, coaching, speaking and community outreach, Jennifer helps engage people to be who they were created to be and build cultures with strong purpose. Her courage to lead with hope is contagious to those she works with.

Jennifer’s professional background began in the insurance industry while attending college. Upon graduating, she continued her career at the same agency where she has spent the last 30 years of her career – 20 of those years in ownership of the agency. Jennifer’s passion to serve communities around purpose has led her to be certified through Team Coaching International (TCI) and coach training through Coach Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching program.

Jennifer Webster, Co-Founder & Innovator at OneBody3

Jennifer Webster is a co-founder and innovator of Onebody3™.

She is energized by change and driven to align purpose with human behavior to impact meaningful change. Through business ownership, teaching, creating, executive coaching, team coaching, speaking and leading, Jennifer connects people to purpose and then unifies a group of people to a common vision. Her calling to protect allows her to be sure that no one is overlooked or undervalued

Jennifer’s professional background includes over 27 years of teaching and coaching; including executive, team, individual and athletic coaching along with business ownership. Jennifer is a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor’s of science in education. She is certified through Team Coaching International (TCI) and Coach Training Institute (CTI), an ICF accredited coaching program.

This webinar covers the emotional and mental challenges of returning to the office. Are you interested in learning about the proper protocols to cover in order to make your building and physical workspaces ready for a return post COVID-19? View our on-demand webinar with healthy buildings expert and Harvard professor Dr. Joseph Allen to learn the right framework for returning safely to the office.

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