Introducing Lighthouse

At Wellfleet, it’s not in our DNA to be content with the status quo.

That’s why we created the Lighthouse experience.

Leveraging an innovative platform, we’ve taken the pain out of offering, implementing and administering voluntary benefits.

With us, there are no clunky legacy systems. No complicated, patchworked processes.

We’ve streamlined the delivery of financial protection products, and created a personalized and digitally-connected user experience.

This revolutionary approach to providing benefits solutions can be felt from the moment a plan starts to be built through claims payment, positively impacting brokers, employers, technology providers, employees and even our own people.

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Smarter, Faster, Better Quoting

All benefit offerings start with a quote, but not all quotes start the same way.

As plans are refined, a common pain point is version control. What proposal is being looked at? Does it reflect the move to plan 3? What happened to the Health Screening Benefit that was added?

Then there’s the need to sign off on the approved plan. With groups using a range of tools, it can be hard to get the necessary signatures in the right order and on the proper docs.

Once a case is sold, most carriers rely on separate systems for the various operational functions, meaning what was input at time of quote isn’t necessarily what Billing or Claims is going to see.

Not having a source of truth leads to delays, the sharing of inaccurate data and loads of rework across the board. No one has time for that.

The Lighthouse experience supports customized plan designs and the smooth flow of accurate, case-specific information from beginning to end. This starts by partnering together to craft a plan that features meaningful benefits at competitive rates.

We then leverage the data input at the time of quote all the way through the payment of a claim, creating a singular source of truth and axing long lead times.

Our proprietary system leverages that clean data to seamlessly deploy the approved case-build file, ensuring that the proposal, policy administration system and the clients’ enrollment systems are in sync.

Did we mention Lighthouse also supports the digital management and signing of documents?

It doesn’t stop there. When a change is made at any point, information is updated across the board. Adding a product? Updating employee eligibility requirements? The impacted areas are automatically synced up with the most current data.

Having a single source of truth, synchronized data and accessible digital resources is just one of the ways the Lighthouse experience makes it easy to do business with us.

Simplified Implementation

Simplified Implemen-tation

You’re familiar with the standard implementation process: Case sells. A dozen different people jump on a call. You meet Mary in Account Management, Jose from Claims, Shandra from Billing and Steve, your Implementation Manager.

Keeping track of who does what is a job in and of itself.

This is not the implementation process you were promised, yet it’s become an industry norm.

The thing is, you don’t have to accept rowing your own boat, when what you need is a captain.

The Lighthouse experience supports a single-point-of-contact philosophy, meaning we pair each client with a dedicated Client Manager, who serves as their go-to and guide for as long as the group is with us.

This person knows the client’s needs inside and out, drives and monitors implementation, and supports enrollment and ongoing administration.

Have a billing question? Looking for claim forms? Curious about marketing support? That Client Manager is the group contact for any and everything from day one.

Plus, since case setup is performed at the time of quote, we’ve removed the burden out of long lead times.

Another way we have streamlined the implementation process is during the product build. Our system accepts data from the chosen HR technology platform, ensuring product builds and data delivery go quickly and efficiently.

By pairing each group with a dedicated Client Manager, then seamlessly accepting data from the HR technology platform of choice, the Lighthouse experience gives you back time that might otherwise have been spent micromanaging the implementation process.

Enrollment that Works

Have you ever had an enrollment that’s going great, until it’s not?

You find out the carrier can’t interface with the HR platform. Or the file format is unworkable for the tech vendor. Or the only enrollment communications options are a dense brochure and a dated poster.

The technology experience you’ve come to expect elsewhere seems to have skipped the benefits industry. Not with us.

We know enrollment isn’t one-sided. There are a lot of parties involved, all with different roles and needs. We also know technology and innovation are key to a successful enrollment.

At Wellfleet, we’ve built and continue to establish strategic relationships with key providers and platforms. This translates into our ability to support the enrollment of our products on the platform of choice and the smooth handing-off of product requirements.

When it comes to exchanging data and handling errors, the Lighthouse experience leverages a cutting-edge data solution that streamlines how the enrollment provider feeds data to us. This not only removes roadblocks, but it also expedites timelines.

Did we mention we don’t have a required file structure? Our system ingests, translates, interrogates, validates and authorizes enrollment files in a range of formats, while simultaneously being able to quickly identify and correct errors. Not having to spend hours toiling to force the information into a specific format. And no long, indistinguishable error codes. We take the preferred file type and if there are errors, we let clients know quickly what they are and what needs to be fixed.

Let’s visualize this a bit more. Here’s the back-end Lighthouse enrollment experience in 3 easy steps:

  1. We load the case information into our data exchange.
  2. The group delivers their info to our data exchange.
  3.  We run their file against the case information to validate its accuracy and identify any errors.

We’re all here because we care about people. We want to connect employers and employees with meaningful financial protection products that fit their unique wants and needs.

At Wellfleet, we make sure we’re hitting yours and your clients’ goals by taking a consultative approach to supporting employee engagement. One way we do this is by crafting enrollment strategies for each group, including a personalized suite of marketing resources, such as: microsites, benefit brochures, short product videos, email campaigns and more.

The Lighthouse experience supports a simplified enrollment that drastically decreases the time to onboard technology platforms, drives engagement and retention, and increases the speed to issue and administer coverage.

No-Nonsense Billing

Billing has a reputation. One that has long been anchored to the mind-numbing reconciliation of multiple bills and finicky, clunky billing systems. As a process renowned for being complicated, tedious and just plain wrong, that notoriety is well-earned.  

Your clients are balancing a long list of roles and responsibilities. The last thing they want to do is to spend hours reformatting reports, re-learning systems and reconciling separate bills against multiple products.

The Lighthouse experience provides hassle-free billing from invoicing to payment and reconciliation.

This starts with our flexible billing options. When working with us, clients choose between true group billing (“self-bill”) and list bill. Have multiple products? Great! We provide a single bill across all Wellfleet products.

Next, we have our clients tell us: how often they want to be invoiced or not, how they want their bill delivered and how they want to pay.

Our goal is to make sure those who support the billing process are comfortable with our system from Day 1. To build that understanding, the group’s dedicated Client Manager provides easy-to-follow training and user-friendly support materials.  

We also know the first bill can be the scariest. Worry not. Wellfleet balances the first bill against the enrollment file before anyone sees anything. To further promote clear understanding of and confidence in our practices, upon request, the Client Manager will hold a first-bill review session with the client and Billing Manager.

The Lighthouse experience provides clients with accurate bills, straight-forward processing and proactive, personalized support.

Customer Service that Shines

You feel like you’ve made it across the finish line. The case is set up, employees have enrolled, bills are being paid. What else could there be to worry about? Turns out, there could be plenty.

Clients want to avoid disruptions and surprises. They have concerns about inefficient processes, inaccurate information and poor communication. The last thing they need to be focused on is whether their employees are receiving the care and support they were promised.

We also get that many are contacting us during challenging times, such as on the heels of an accident or when facing a critical illness. The last thing they need is a hassle.

Prior to becoming an insurance carrier, Wellfleet served as a third-party administrator, so we know a thing or two about customer service and policy administration. For starters, we understand that when employees are interacting with us, they’re not comparing Wellfleet to other insurance companies; they’re judging us according to their everyday experiences with big brands.

Meeting those expectations starts with being accessible. Our customers connect with us in real time across multiple modes of communication, including mobile, web and over the phone.

When interacting with customers, our Customer Care Team shows them we have their best interests in mind by providing a genuine human connection that is knowledgeable and friendly.

We also follow a one-call resolution philosophy, meaning issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. When a customer calls in, we seek to understand the issue, then solve it. No climbing phone trees. 

Customer service and policy administration aren’t just experienced by the customer, though. We’re also looking out for our clients.

One way we create an optimal client experience is by slaying tech barriers and delivering accurate information. In reducing the time spent on administration and eliminating painful technical issues, the Lighthouse experience gives you and your client time back, so that you can focus on other areas of your jobs.

It also provides a holistic view of every group and every employee. Our integrated model keeps a record of each group’s original documentation, changes and history, so we are easily able to review, share and validate case-specific information. 

On the flip side, when an employee contacts our Customer Care Team, the Lighthouse experience is leveraged to provide seamless access to that specific employee’s information, no matter who answers the phone. This includes what benefits they carry, when their last premium payment was made, their claims history with us and much more.

The Lighthouse experience delivers authentic customer service and policy administration through a responsive and compassionate Customer Care Team. Backing them up is a state-of-the-art system that supports the streamlined delivery of accurate data in real time.

Easy, Breezy Claims Experience

When people think of insurance claims, what often comes to mind are call centers with cold service. Complicated paperwork. Impossible to understand contract language. Endless waits. At Wellfleet, we’re razing claims stereotypes by:

  • Understanding the claims experience may be the most important interaction a customer has with us
  • Providing a human connection during a time when it is needed most
  • Getting money into customers’ hands as quickly as possible

Our Claims Care Team works to create a warm and simplified claims experience from start to finish. We deliver on our promises by treating each of our customers with genuine kindness, providing clear communication and efficiently moving them through the claims process.

Customers interact with us in real time across multiple modes of communication, including mobile and web. For those customers who prefer a more traditional experience, we support telephonic and mailed-in claims. We’ll even take faxed claims, if that’s what floats your boat.

When a customer contacts us, the Lighthouse experience enables our Claims Care Team to see all their information, no matter who answers the phone. Among other things, this includes what coverage they carry, their claim history and when they last contacted us.

Upon receipt of a claim, we automatically pair each customer with one point of contact. That means the person delivering customer service is also their claim examiner.

What’s more is we support event-based claims-handling. That means when we receive a claim, the Lighthouse experience seamlessly reviews the event across all eligible coverages and policies, identifying opportunities for covered benefits to pay out and eliminating the need for the customer to file multiple claims.

Once a claim is approved, we deliver payment the way the customer wants it. Electronic payment straight into their checking account? Hard copy? We’ve got it covered.

The Lighthouse experience also gives clients line of sight into their group’s claims. Let’s say your client want to know the total claims paid. No problem! Our interconnected platform serves as a single system of record that provides a holistic view of group and employee information. Clients looking to review, share or validate information, can count on receiving accurate data in real time.

At Wellfleet, we take a streamlined approach to claims-handling. By leveraging our integrated platform, we deliver quality servicing and quick turnaround times, all while keeping customers informed throughout the claim lifecycle.

End-to-End Client Management

When it comes to ongoing client management, have you or your clients ever felt like you’re in a game of hot potato?

There’s someone implementing the case, another managing the enrollment experience, so-and-so working on billing and then a policy admin person. And don’t forget the account manager for ongoing needs. It can start to feel like no one really knows your group.

This type of client servicing is messy. A lot of information gets lost in translation, leading to the dreaded 3 “re”s – reminding, repeating and rework.

At Wellfleet, we follow a single-point-of-contact philosophy, meaning each client is partnered with a dedicated Client Manager. This person walks with you and the client through implementation and enrollment, and is committed to making sure everyone involved understands and is comfortable with our products and processing.

It doesn’t stop there. The Client Manager will continue to provide support for as long as the group is with us, maintaining open communication, and providing friendly, accessible service.

Just as important to the client experience as our genuine, responsive service, is our streamlined administration support.

Through the Lighthouse experience, data and processes move fluidly end to end, delivering accurate information and providing a holistic view of customer data.

Have a question about billing? Looking for background on a specific claim? Your Client Manager leverages our system and subject matter experts to quickly get the answers needed.

There’s more. Each year, your Client Manager will conduct a pre- and post-enrollment review with you, the client and the other service providers. This includes reviewing business intelligence and key analytics, talking through any issues that arose or may arise, and providing recommendations for future optimizations.

The Lighthouse experience delivers the ideal combination of client support. By pairing responsive, personalized service with sound, reliable data, you and your client can better understand where you’ve been and where you might go next.

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