BeRx works to further CHP Student Health’s goal of engaging students to lead healthier lives and become better healthcare consumers.

The development of BeRx addresses a problem we’ve identified in the market. We know that college students utilize their health plans differently and that a traditional PBM isn’t geared towards young adults. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Kroger Prescription Plans to develop the only PBM built exclusively for the college student population.

A pharmacy solution for the college market

Our goal is to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach to pharmacy care and build a pharmacy solution for the college health space that aligns with students’ budgets, schedules, and lives. As an insurance provider specializing in student health, we’re uniquely qualified to bring this idea to the industry. 

Our vision is to develop a solution that accompanies plans from CHP Student Health, which offer student-focused features, tools, and resources. Our mission is to take control of and optimize the pharmacy experience for our members.

PO Box 15369, Springfield, MA 01115-5369

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